Sunday, 20 December 2015

She struck me

In a gathering of hundreds, I was lost into the exquisiteness of the delicacies on offer. My earnest desire to experiment with everything was evidently visible to all the breathing souls around me- periodically my plates tried different 'costumes' of snacks, main course, deserts, salads, veg and non-veg, the vibrance of these costumes was simply incomparable. I bet, all were second to my digestive prowess. 

My friend's thirtieth birthday was the sole reason for this grand celebration, though only the closest of his friends- which included me- knew that he had gathered that much financial stature because of his interests in a multitude avenues, blessing his bank accounts with tsunamis of cash. This was a secret to keep and nobody cared as long as he gifted us with such parties: an easy way to invest that illegally siphoned money. 

After my intense indulgence on  sparing nothing on the menu I observed that the crowd had become sparse and lazy. The music too was running in no hurry- a slow Jazz track flooded with guitar and saxophone; I wondered who the splendid singer was.  

In that utter slowness of the surroundings I walked towards the restroom going in for a liquid release of my intestinal by products, when I  encountered a huge mirror on the right side of the hall, I was startled by the height of it. A huge rectangular mirror extending upto some 30ft and reflecting the shimmering  chandelier hanging right above me, "Five-star customs", I said to myself. As I was about to tread on my lethargically musical walk my eyes fell on a woman clad in a red and black saaree. At first I couldn't see her face but to witness it- male nature- I adjusted my position accordingly and felt an adhesive gripping my feet to the floor: I was frozen there and then. She was adjusting her bindi to the center of her forhead; she was checking the plates of her beautiful saaree and when she set her curly flock of shining black hair on one side of her shoulders, my heart melted and my body withered with a sudden urge to know her. 

I had never had a love life before, though I was always in love with women but she was unique in every aspect. I developed an urgent craving to know her. My insides shouted on me to be a man and walk to her and get acquainted. Her red lips were calling me to kiss them and whisper some romantic phrases in my ears, I felt so. Her hair had just signalled me to caress them with the finest of touches; caring fingers seeping through that dense jungle of curliness. 

My god, or rather I should say 'my goddess', I didn't know but there and then a sense of being her man formed into me as a huge fireball. I wanted to unleash this fireball on that serene specimen of biology I was staring at. I had decided 'our' future yet I was unaware of the next few seconds of my life. "Who are you? I want to know you, be with you, love you, marry you, serve you" said I in a subconcsious loop. 

And in that hormonal wildfire she spooned in a spiralling spark when she looked across me and smiled, saying,"Hi!". That "Hi!" felt like "Yes I feel the same for you, my love", such was the strength in her melodious voice. And she walked away leaving me with a strange blackness enveloping my eyes and the next thing I could see was a white ceiling fan hovering over me. I woke up in a suddenness and saw myself surrounded by a dark-skinned lady dressed in white skirt, white shirt and a white scarf. She said," How are you sir? You are lucky, you  just survived a minor heart attack." 

Monday, 14 December 2015

A Collection


Swirling in the air she appeared to be like a glow-ball of energy, her pride was unconquerable, blended with her beauty in an inseparable manner. With her captivating demeanor luring the skies, the mountains and the land, everything fell for her magical awe in a domino effect, one after the other.

Like the princess of kingdom nature her features were unmatchable and her heart was a place of solace within Earth. Calmness, justice, faith, trust all the ideal adjectives danced up to the brim in her godly heart.

Made up of a dazzling skin, her aura spread to eternity in the universe, radiating that blinding magnificence her skin soon became an enviable element all around. Smooth as silk and white as milk, soft as a feather and soothing as the wind, she possessed a layer leaving one and all hypnotized forever.

A universe resided in her shining eyes, as if spreading love and peace with its blink. Like a giant magnet everything fell in the deep crevices of these surreal eyes never wanting to come back to the state of realism.

The natural pink color vanished away from embarrassment because the artificial redness had got the better of it. Sultry they looked, as if inviting all to kiss them for an age, but deception and illusory were exploited to the maximum; eras had gone by and blood had thickened on the tenderness of her lips. 


A sea of innocence resides in her, shining with pride on her lovely face as if glorifying the very nature of her, intermingling with her happiness-inducing smile it creates an uncontrollable urge in me to witness this delightful specimen.

When her lips stretch oppositely they instinctively generate an equally lengthy stretch on mine, as if mine are rejuvenated by some kind of a calming sensation running across them
and in an instant I feel lost into her truly, unable to think of anything other than her.

Every action of her, even near to unnoticeable, provides me a stimulus to dissolve in her purity and transfixed remain my eyes as if for eternity. My hormones collide frantically, recreating a new magical moment to be cherished, leaving me mesmerized in this beauty I stare upon with an eye of attraction.   

Her presence excites me, calms me and ignites a fire to work upon anything, as if she is my only ignition to the fulfillment of all my dreams, as if she is the reason to transport me into a world of happiness; loosing myself in her gives me a feeling which has no way of expressing.


 Brought to life with a cry of excitement, we are exposed to a world full of inexplicable irregularities, born and raised to become a hero, we are surrounded with things that mystify those odd peculiarities.

Years travel by and our comprehension progresses far beyond our own imaginations, delving deep into the shadows we get lost to find out that sole purpose of our fascinations.

We search, we think, we panic, and we cry till our tiredness hugs us with its dominant ambience, and then awakens our soul to continue that eternal quest with an attitude befitting the champions.

We start from zero as a giant ball of exuberance, to once again attain the knowledge of those undefined laws, but nothing changes and all we are left is to count our slightest of flaws.

But the very next moment, we stand up with all our strength and acumen, daring the ferocious tests of patience we unleash the power of a superhuman.

Though victory is not a guarantee and this we realize en route the end, but one thing remains with us forever and that is our inner ‘trying friend’.