Sunday, 7 December 2014

A Phenomenon

I look up at the dark sky and find those twinkling stars, that illuminating sun and that 'dull' moon really attractive. In spite of knowing that they are unreachable and infinitely away from me, I still wish to be there in that 'darkness'. The darkness where only few prestigious and daring human beings have gone. Out of those human beings, some return safely and some get lost into that cold and inexplicable darkness. But still, I feel proud of them, I really do! For what they have done for mankind and for our livelihoods. All of those brave men and women are like inspirational pillars; they have never failed because of what they do for us.

Space agencies and scientific organizations keep working on projects(missions) of which the common folk is oblivious. Space scientists spend their lives on building technology, doing research and finding more powerful ways to explore that immeasurable darkness that lies above us! Gigantic shuttles and expeditious rockets are sent into that wilderness for various studies and research. They remain there for months, years and even decades (until they can survive!). And these beautiful machines keep sending some 'valuable' data to the bright minds monitoring them, well, it's a very complex procedure for people like me. But I still love to keenly follow the developments!
Yes, everyday We are taking larger steps towards exploring the outer space, yes We are slowly finding ways for Our alternative home! That's what these scientists have been looking for all through this time, another place for our existence, another place for human survival.  

But apart from these extraordinary scientists, there are some people who are also achieving significant feats in the field of space exploration. They were not born to be scientists yet they have created things of unimaginable magnitudes. They have given this world an outlook of what lies in that unexplored space or more practically saying, of what can be there outside our Earth. And this 'they' are no other than, people from the film fraternity!
Yep, I'm not joking but just stating a fact.

Films are the most influencing source for us. What we see in them is what we believe, and if they are based on true studies and findings then its all the more riveting and trustworthy watching them! And one such movie is the recently released Interstellar.

The director, Christopher Nolan, in Interstellar has weaved something beyond our wildest dreams. He has gifted us a marvel of science and has opened floodgates for attracting people more towards the celestial environment. I read a lot of articles and saw many videos and interviews related to this movie and I got to know that it obviously is Sci-Fi movie but, it lives more in Sci rather than in Fi.

While I was watching the movie I was completely engrossed in its prowess. I wasn't just watching but I was thinking on whatever was happening on that screen. My face had expressions of bafflement, joy and surprise. The movie took me to a new world, a world where I or I guess no one has visited ever! Nolan had transferred me into all those astral places where those characters had gone and survived... I had numerous instances of goosebumps and adrenaline rush in my body...
It's been a month since I watched it and still, I keep relaying the movie in my mind, I try to think about different results or consequences, I recapitulate those moments of magnificence... I create my own Interstellar in my mind! And I know that who ever really loved the movie would still be lingering onto it, he\she would still be struck with what Nolan and his team had shown.

Interstellar was not just a movie but it was the future. Justifying all the scientific laws, it had exhibited what could lie in the crevices of that pitch black environment which is waiting to be delved into by the humans. It was like an invitation which humans can't ignore! That's why I loved it, because it was near reality and near practicality. This phenomenon is an inspiration not just for the common man but for the scientists as well, it'll act as a driving force for finding life beyond earth and to unearth many facts about this unending universe that we are unaware of.
This epitome of excellence would surely generate a drive to research and 'look'  more about what lies above us because the universe is awaiting our touch!



Monday, 17 November 2014

What a video!

Never seen a video like this! This is way beyond perfection. The music, the captions, the images, everything has been blended and synchronized excellently... The first time i saw it, i burst out into laughter and i had a constant smile all throughout the video...It is a collection of weirdest and funniest snaps of mine... It made my birthday even more special and beautiful... I really am out of words and i can't stop thanking my buddy Shubham Bahl who spent so many hours creating this magical video for ME! I also thank Barbie Goyal and Shrey Arora for providing the snaps and spending so much time discussing and planning for this video. Thank you Guys. You left me speechless and infinitely elated.

Video LINK :-

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Relationship: A coin

Like every other thing in this world, relationships are also like a coin. Yes they are! Inspite of them being embedded with love and passion, even the healthiest of relationships have the "other" side. 

People say that love is the best emotion(feeling), the best thing one can experience-only if you have that reciprocated love towards you. But no one tells its disadvantages. The disadvantages of being in a relationship! In a healthy relationship too. Yes no one. I'm not talking about being heartbroken or someone being on the verge of some breakup, but here I talk about the other side of being in a "beautiful" relationship. Afterall being in one has its own consequences that one has to bear.

Relationships can be publicly open or confined to the concerned couple or known maybe only to very exclusive people. And these are just the types based on how open a relationship is to the public. Apart from these three types there are numerous relationships which are based on other numerous things, which are of no importance to us right now, atleast. Now all of these three types have some interesting other-sides, sides that hold prime importance. Especially the last two types! Well, let's uncover them.

Okay so in the first type. The society- one must not include their parents in here- knows about you and your lover, and quite obviously knows that you two are love birds since blah blah time. If the couple has no problem then it's absolutely no problem for anyone. All of their friends, or their social circles have complete knowledge- this varies from the closeness of that couple with their people- about their love story! While some gossip behind the back while some play as assistants, assisting and advising to that love enchanted couple. People in such an open relationship become carefree towards the society's fear and comments and are happy to be publicly known as a couple. Might be giving them a feeling of an "official" couple. Who knows!

Well, it's their own willingness and they have full authority to exercise their rights. Now, what are other sides of being in such a relation? The other side has only one "threat", and that is the parent issue. This is a serious and a common threat in any type of relationships! The couple must really be wary of their parents because our parents much smarter than us. If the parents know about you and surprisingly, have no issues then I feel that that couple is the luckiest, atleast in terms of social and family pressures. But if that's not the case, then declaring your love openly and still hoping to hide it from your families is an uphill task. It's like an exam which you gotta give 24X7! But only if the couple is smart enough and well-planned then they'd know how to handle such scenarios of sheer danger!

Moving onto the second type of relationships, we see a sea change in the approach of the couple. As soon as they step into a relation, at that very moment they become actors for others. They unknowingly hone their acting skills as they always are acting in front of others, obviously when they are together.

This type includes all those love birds who have kept their love saga as a deep secret from everyone and wait for the correct time to unveil it. Well, I feel this is the toughest type, a type where there's maximum risk involved no matter how normal the couple tries to be. Because acting can never be used as an escape rout, not everytime atleast! Somewhere, sometime, someone will surely catch you and you'll be left with nothing but to spit out your secret. And the truth is that you really can't hide love! That's the truth, even if you think you are hiding it exceptionally well then you are very well wronged. And it's a very rare case because the couple surely shares it with someone, so as to keep an assistant, who'll be helping them whenever they are in "danger". So basically, the other side of this coin has only risk and danger. It needs planning, superb acting skills and most importantly alertness to be preprared for the other side as it's consequences are massively severe and threatening!

The third and the final type of relationships are an extension to the second type. Everything's same as the second type but it's just that there are more actors who are involved rather than just the two. The protagonists here,  have their "support" cast with them. The cast includes those exclusive people who are trusted more than life, by the lovely couple. A lot of thinking goes between all the actors and everytime they indulge in trust games. Things are chilled out here, as the couple enjoys their love life without any worries and knows that their secret is known only to trustworthy people of theirs. The relaxation turns into wild tensions when the couple encounters the other side.

The other side is really worrisome as the couple realizes that their secret is not only confined to their support cast but more people who have become aware of it. This chain grows on indefinitely. Slowly and silently. Plus there's this fear of parents also! So suddenly there arises some real tension and the couple undergoes some gruelling time discussing it. Even if those "new" people are equally safe there's still a sense of worry that lingers on in the minds of the couple. Everything's fine and normal but at the back of their heads theres a little worry that rests in a dormant state.

This coin of relationships is flipped at irregular intervals. It itself is a wonderful blend of an all-emotion journey. It keeps flipping all the time and produces newer adventures for the love birds. It tests their love, understanding, wit, alertness and what not. But love also blindfolds the couple from the other side of the coin and that can be utterly dangerous. So I urge all those relationship-blessed couples to be wary of their coin and take appropriately and timely decisions.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Change from I to We

"Health is wealth", this saying has been fed into my head since I first stepped into my school. These three words together create one of the most truthful life teachings of all times. At school I knew it but didn't think much about it, actually I really never thought about it much, but as I opened myself to the realms of this mammoth world it was then when I realised that "okay, this is the most crucial sentence for anyone's life."
This sentence is a simple yet hard truth that's integral for not just me and you but also the other living creatures of this planet.

In our childhoods we hardly paid any heed to even think about it but on the insides we definitely knew what it meant literally but not what it meant "actually"! And that's where I feel we were being oblivious to something that was there always in front of us but rarely did anyone do anything for it.

Why is it so much important for the survival? Why is it that this sentence holds so much weight in the lives of every single human being? These questions are way back in the queue to be answered. They hold importance but aren't our priorities at the moment. Why so? Because in "health is wealth", health has been lost somwhere deep into the crevices of this society. And in the quest for wealth, things have gone from bad to worse. It's been a silent change in the way people have started to take this life changing phrase. Everybody knows that health is crucial for wealth but despite of this "knowledge" there is a race for wealth first.

And what leaves me horrified is the fact that due to this imbalance, health levels have gone down and with wealth there's something that has increased and that is, hunger. Ironical isn't it? People might say that, " How the hell is it possible? How come hunger can be in direct proportion to wealth?" Well, I have the answer.

In this wealth race, our mindsets have changed to "I" rather than "we" and this has been the missing link to the downfall of "health is wealth". There are some nicer souls who still have had the ability to strike the balance but the majority has failed to follow the "we" culture than the "I" one. This imbalance has made some richer or even richest but it also has made some poor or poorest! The richer ones have collected the wealth but also have they become unaware of the most dangerous problem of our society. Hunger.

Hunger accompanied with malnutrition has dented not only our nation but the entire planet. It's silently yet terrifically spreading its vicious wings over all the countries. People face shortage of even the basic food and then they starve and starve and starve more but one day, they ultimately die. They die in the quest of hunger and they die in the state of malnutrition. About 842 million people in the world do not eat enough to be healthy.  That means that one in every eight  people on Earth goes to bed hungry each night. A third of all deaths in children under the age of five in developing countries are linked to undernutrition(India is also a developing country). Most of the world’s undernourished people are still to be found in Southern Asia, closely followed by sub-Saharan Africa and Eastern Asia.

These facts leaves me shocked! Those stats are literally horrifying. And then I realize that so many people undergo such huge deprivation of food! It makes me feel for those food starved people and especially those malnourished infants who came into this world with their baby cries and then with days passing those cries turn into the cries of agony, pain and HUNGER.

But why such a massive problem? Here's why...

If women farmers had the same access to resources as men, the number of hungry in the world could be reduced by up to 150 million. The gender inequality has always been a bane to any sorts of development in any country( especially Middle East and South East Asia). Women have had to face the beating and here also they arent spared. The orthodoxies of our society have caused this severe imbalance of fodd and has led to such a massive shortage of food to people.
It costs just US $0.25 per day to provide a child with all of the vitamins and nutrients he or she needs to grow up healthy. The "wealth race" has not allowed this to happen. Corruption and the intense greed for money has resulted in this unequal share of money and that has ultimately lead to shortages of basic food to people. Humans have gone crazy to create heaps of money for themselves but in this cruel quest they have forgotten to  help out these painstruck people.

By 2050, climate change and erratic weather patterns could have pushed another 24 million children into hunger. Almost half of these children would be in sub-Saharan Africa. Unequal distribution of resources in  African counties has already made them the hunger countries of the world and it's not far when all of us would be living in what would then be called as the "Hunger World". It's time to step in and to help these innocent souls. It's time to stop the money race, it's time to inhibit all wars and come together to share our resources with them and uproot this venom known as Hunger.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

In the blink of an eye

In the blink of an eye things get changed
In the blink of an eye the heartbeat gets paced
In the blink of an eye everything comes to a halt
In the blink of an eye all seems to be your fault
In the blink of an eye emotions rush through you
In the blink of an eye some memories gush through you
In the blink of an eye everything seems impossible
In the blink of an eye the solution seems possible
In the blink of an eye we loose all the faith
In the blink of an eye we get trapped for a bait
In the blink of an eye we get heartbroken
In the blink of an eye we get awoken
In the blink of an eye fear paramounts us
In the blink of an eye
confidence surmounts up
Everything happens in the blink of an eye
Because you never know In the blink of an eye you can even die!

Monday, 28 April 2014

The Bad Tourists

Being a human it is really difficult to control our thoughts.These thoughts- I call them tourists - come storming into our minds and sometimes stay or otherwise just vanish off in seconds! They enter via- what I personally call-  the transitional gates, which are present all over our mind. Now why transitional? Well, it's simple. These gates keep changing their places at will and if we try closing one, the other suddenly opens up somewhere and paves way for these 'infinite tourists' of our brains.

Practically of course, there aren't any gates but its just the very same feeling if you actually look at it. Daily, we encounter thousands of thoughts and ideas that keep pondering in our brains, some of these are what we like and some maybe the ones that we really want to get rid off. Now for these undesirable thoughts, we try to keep them at bay so that they don't overpower our king organ but, slowly after some time it turns out to be a mini-battle between us and these unwanted thoughts. We try to shut our brains' door or the transitional gates but the more we try  the more gates we explore! That sounds quite weird but it actually happens if you observe. The more you think about forgetting something the more it tries to enter into you. It is natural and happens with me, you and everyone.

What we generally don't want to get into our brains is the things that we hate or the things that we fear or maybe the things that are wasteful for us. Now all of such unwanted things are ironically the things that come into our mysterious brain the most! And when it happens we start to get frustrated, human nature. All of these are negative thoughts- bad tourists that spoil us-  that are unfruitful for us. We presume so and are mostly right about the presumption. It becomes a see-saw situation then, with you on one side and these bad tourists on the other (trying to dominate you). It seems tough to overpower them in the early stages but later on after the see- saw has come down, you realize how easy it was and how foolishly you were fearing those tourists for the damage they would inflict upon you.

Actually, if you really want to go heavy on these tourists then you must not simply think about them. That's it, there's the solution to this battle. Now, of course there is a massive difference between saying and doing but yes, if you need to get out of this you must follow the saying by doing! All you need is a bit of motivation and most importantly the will power to succeed. There is nothing complex in it, it is very clear cut and straight forward.

Negativity can tear apart a person to pieces.
 It is nothing but a devilish group of the much hated bad tourists. Once this troop starts arriving in our brains we get severely affected by it. Though we get numerous opportunities to woo them away but still most of us succumb to them and finally give up. For some it easy to fight and win over them but for some no matter how they try it becomes really difficult to cope with their influx.

In the early stages, it may seem quite normal and regular but you may never know, you maybe deceived! Yes, all this unwanted thoughts stuff seems to be general but as the time passes we get blinded by the harsh reality that these tourists have silently entered through our gates and have made their strong colonies. And the more lenient you become the more densely populated these colonies become. No matter how hard it is you gotta fight and fight hard! The battle is with yourself, your thoughts. Keep patience- even if you start losing it still be persistent - until the very last shot, try not to think much about the things that disturb you. Thinking doesn't solve problems, OK maybe it does in some situations but those are rare and if you find yourself in the rare category, then please contact your destiny!

Bad tourists must be strictly prohibited in our territory. Apply this rule and all would be easy.

Friday, 28 March 2014

We the epitome!

You are the fulcrum around which hangs the balance of my life
I am fully devoted to you, for you and also for your life

No matter how strong the storm is we bear it together like a defensive shield
With every second passing our friendship has only positives to yield

All day and night I think of you Miss
And I like sending you the smiley with a Kiss

We have the purity and the integrity to last for eternity
And......we have the skill to carry forward our friendship at will.

We sail in a boat of faith and trust
And you dear, are like a sparkling gold dust

We shall move on like this, carrying this mantle of our eternal friendship because we are the epitome of one heck of a friendship.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Spirit of Life!

A few days ago, I was travelling in the metro rail when I noticed something unusual, something that surprised me, something that made me realize how people can overcome all problems and live their lives delightfully. This short but mind-numbing experience left me baffled and throughout it, I couldn't blink an eye!

 I was comfortably seated in the train when at a station, four people came inside the coach I was sitting in. They were two young girls- aged around 25 years- and two young men- aged around 30 years maybe. One of those girls sat just beside me and the other one sat exactly opposite to me. The two men stood near each of those young girls. For first few minutes everything seemed normal, I could see people busy with their mobiles, some were listening to music and some just busy staring here and there. But, what suddenly caught my eye was the girl sitting beside me.

One of those men was communicating with that girl not by speech but through actions. Both of them suddenly caught everybody's attention. They made various hand movements that were inexplicable to me.
Those movements were swift and highly confusing. They intrigued me. I started observing them, and soon realized that yes, they were dumb. But this realization wasn't the one which moved me, rather it was the one watching them communicate with each other that left me spellbound.

For me and the other passengers, it seemed very confusing, something that went above our heads, but those two people seemed to be pretty comfortable with whatever actions they were doing. It was not just the use of the hands, the eyes, and especially the facial expressions, all of it mattered a lot. These expressions combined with the hand gestures paved way for communication between them. They seemed to have a got a strong command over it. I was trying to get what they were talking about- in their sign language- and found that I could hardly interpret any of those gestures, in fact I was able to understand one or two them.

Soon, I saw the other young girl doing almost identical motions. Hers were more tougher to understand, but she seemed happier than the one sitting besides me. She was constantly smiling and laughing while relaying her feelings to the other man- who was with her- via those inexplicable actions. This man was just observing her, as if checking whether she is performing the right actions or not, or as if doing the job of a patient listener, in this case a patient viewer- who could of course decipher those intriguing gestures.

While I was witnessing all of this, I tried to put myself in their place and, found that how hard it would to be express yourself through only actions. How painful it would have been for these dumb people when they would have realised that they didn't have any speech, that they could never "talk", that they would always spend their lives as mime artists. 

But watching them made me feel that they had overcome all sorts of pain and had way earlier accepted this hard-to-digest truth. They seemed to enjoy their lives, they seemed to be happy as any other human would be, expressing themselves wasn't anymore an uphill task for them, they had sunk into this truth and seemed to have happily accepted it.

That's why I feel they deserved a salute, a salute to their will power, a salute to their spirit of living life inspite of being deprived of the most wondrous gift given to the human. They are like us, the very same, even if they can't speak, but they can express.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Time for love!

                                                                      Valentine's Day special!

The roses are blossoming, gift shops are experiencing a massive footfall, the florists are earning profits at the rate of knots and the restaurants have a long list of prebookings; but why? Well, simply because love, is in the air!

Its time for the most awaited day for the lovers. The moment they eagerly wait for, throughout the year. Its a special time of the year they want to spend with their loved one- or ones, depending on the interests!- and show them that how much they love them or maybe to show them their sheer romantic side. Yes, it is the Valentine's Day.

It has become a convention that this day of romance and love is specially alloted to the people who are in a relationship; it is like a free license for them. They have a top of the world feeling on this very occasion. Boys become gentlemen and girls become queens. Both leave no stone unturned to put their best foot forward so as to make this "golden" day the most romantic day, as if the other days in the year hold no significance.

The romantic dinner venue is decided, the boy comes to pick up the girl, there are violin players playing for the couple, there is a champagne and of course a candle to complete the proceedings. Well, this is obviously story book stuff! Its not necessary that all the couples follow the "ideal" proceedings of celebrating the Valentine's Day. See the power of love and attraction, that many couples break all the financial barriers and go spend heavily to make this day an ideal one. They forget everything, the passion for their love overpowers and all they have in mind is, to be with their loved one, to make their partner feel that affection. And yes, where feelings come, money and financial status becomes secondary.

This day, remains close to the hearts of the people who celebrate it or have celebrated it. It provides with the memories of past Valentine's Days and stores the experiences of the current one. It is like the most crucial day in the romantic diaries of the couples! For the debutants, this occasion is like the day of their lives! Nervousness soars and heart beats increase. These first timers feel the maximum amount of excitement and butterflies in the stomach because for them it is the first instance to showcase their romantic side and to display their unconditional affection to their romantic shareholders.

But yes, this day is all about feelings, it isn't about where you celebrate it, or whether you have an "ideal" celebration, it is all about being with your Valentine! It is about making your loved one realize how much you love her/him, it is about spending the day with them and make them feel top of the world, and showing that how special they are for you.

As the love birds are busy preparing themselves for this mega-day, the singles seem to be self-occupied in their own lives.Obviously because Valentine's Day is not meant for them or it is something they don't care about, is it so? If you think so, then you are mistaken big-time! Yes, the singles or simply a person who isn't into any relationship,can also very cheerfully be a part of this day of love and romance. But how?

Technically, valentine means a sentimental or humorous greeting card sent to a sweetheart, friend, or family member. There you see, in the definition itself, that this hyped romance-filled day is not just a day for your companion or spouses or wives but for any person you love, for any person you care for. Now, it can be a friend, your parents or anyone close to you.

It is just a change in the idea of a person that is what is required. Get over the mainstream and come to become a part of this mesmerizing day with your loved one. If you are single, no issues, gift something beautiful to your mother and tell her that how much you love her, you much lucky you are to have her in your life show that love is not restricted to only your soulmate rather it is an inside feeling that you can feel for anyone you like. Break the conventional idea of this day, celebrate it your mother, father, brother or sister. Make them happy, let the feeling of love spread throughout the world. The smile on your mothers face and her wet eyes will surely fill you with an unparalleled joy.

Valentine's day, well, it is for every single human, because it is a day of affection and compassion and in the end what matters is who becomes your valentine!

Monday, 27 January 2014

The state of being Bored

Our mind blanks out many a times. In such a situation, it feels like the mind has become empty and there is nothing to do, nothing to think about. The influx of ideas or thoughts suddenly slows down,  the excitement level dwindles and there is a sudden gloominess that begins to conquer our minds. Then one only likes to sit down and keep staring at something or maybe do nothing and lie down. Or maybe, suddenly everything seems to be uninteresting. Well, if you think these are the signs of sheer calmness overpowering you, then you are absolutely wrong. Yes, because calmness or peace doesn't come with that gloomy feeling and also it doesn't make us feel that our minds our empty rather it just relaxes us. And neither does it gives that uninteresting or a weary experience. So what is that awkward feeling then? Or in fact, is it actually awkward? Is it linked with calmness? Why does it occur? Loads of questions! Lets face them then.

The explanation of all the above mentioned signs lies only in one word, ''bored''. Getting bored is the most common thing which occurs in almost everyone's life cycle. You get bored, maybe on a regular basis, you get bored after coming back from work, you get bored when you face sleeplessness or maybe you get bored because you get bored(without any reason)! There could be many weirdest of reasons to get bored. It's nothing odd to occur and it comes suddenly and it depends when one realizes it that he/she is "getting bored".

Google defines boredom as "feeling weary and impatient because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one's current activity" and it is no doubt a correct definition, to some extent! This definition needs a bit of editing because it is too much of technical and not aptly practical. Boredom is a state where one feels impatient and itchy to do things, where one is unoccupied and where one is on the threshold of launching into ideas and actitvites! Now, the latter part of this definition might seem confusing but it is actually true. When one gets bored, it feels like the time is passing and there is nothing to do and in extreme situations, one tends to have run out of ideas and thoughts. But actually, this is the moment to pounce upon the mind. It is the moment to tap upon the hidden thoughts and ideas and allow them to flow.

Whenever there is this feeling of getting bored just take a deep breath, repeat it atleast five times and then just let yourself relax. Let the body calm down, let the impatience go down and let the body feel more comfortable. After this short exercise surely that "gloomy" feel will get off. And as the mind was empty previously, it paves way for more new thoughts. The more new thoughts come the more the mind seems busy, the more ideas come, the more our mind activates and the chances of getting involved into something increase drastically. And soon one exits the boredom state!

Boredom is a state which one "feels". It seems quite normal to experience but actually it is dangerous! How? Well, the answer is quite simple, it kills time, unknowingly! Yes, time keeps on ticking and there is only one thing that comes to the mind, "i am getting bored". Now, thinking this again and again makes us feel bored but actually evrything is normal, its just the thinking process gets inhibited and that's what pushes one into the state of boredom.

Boredom or getting bored is just psychological, it is just that one is idle without any work and he/she starts feeling bored, unnecessarily. It is all in the mind and nothing else. All one needs is to push it away from the mind and its quite easy to do so. So, next time you get bored just read this post and boredom will be a long gone history for you.


Thursday, 9 January 2014

The regular delays

Reached Hyderabad yesterday after a long and a highly delayed journey. Boarded the train from Delhi and with massive fog all over the plains, the train was on time for the first hour or so but then what happened god knows, it got delayed and delayed time and again. The train delay problem is a major issue during winters, especially in the plains where fog causes havoc and leads to disruption of the rail system.

Well, coming back to my train journey, the train had around nine stoppages in total but as i had to get down in between, the stations for me were reduced to seven, i guess. But it looked as if the train was stopping at actually every station that was coming in its way. And the winter famous "fog" excuse could not be given because the train got more delayed in the regions where fog is nowhere to be seen. It seemed that as the journey was progressing the train was getting more and more lazier! Everytime i asked the attendant that how much the delay was, i got the same answer, " two and a half hours". But in the night the lag had increased to three hours and till i got down at my destination, the train was late by four hours and the reasons are known best to the drivers.

What the funny part of it is that regarding any delays we people think of only one answer. Ask anyone and the answer will be the same, even if its not correct all the time! The answer would be, "train is late because it might not have got the signal to go ahead or some high priority train might be ahead of it". The situation has been the same for years and will remain as it is, for years. We satisfy ourselves by giving the same excuse time and again but its not the passengers' fault because  the so-called excuse is a legitimate one! Surprising, isn't it? Yes our train management system is inefficient to handle so many trains which leads to snags and long delays which could have been avoided if there would have been a better system to monitor. Even if a train is running on time it still unnecessarily gets delayed.

 I fail to understand why does the Indian Railway fail to develop a better and a fast system for train management. Hardly a train is on time as per its schedule, even the rajdhanis get delayed majority of times. It is a monotonous scenario where trains in India getting delayed whereas it is a surprising scenario where trains reach on time. But why is it so? why doesn't the govt and the rail officials look into this "delay" issue? why is it that the people take granted that their train won't reach on time? Have the people lost faith in the most massively spread inter-connectivity network of the country? And maybe the answer to it is a yes!

The country needs a more robust system which will manage the trains across the country more efficiently. Such a system is required which nullifies the delays in the non-fog regions and reduces the lag in the fog regions. Its upto the rail officials now to look into this matter and find the alternatives because it seems that they are finding it hard to manage such a mammoth rail network. The faith in the Indian Railways needs to be restored at the earliest. The snags must be minimised because the more of it happens the more peoples idea about the railways would change and that change would be better for both the people and the Indian Railways.