Sunday, 29 December 2013

Senses and Observations

Everyday is a new day, a day full of experiences and surprises. with each day passing, one encounters plethora of events- both knowingly and unknowingly- that are sometimes expected and sometimes not. These events can be literally anything. Maybe an important meeting, an exam or a date with someone. It can be any random event , in fact. But why is it that we remember not all of it (of course one can't forget a date!)

We might retain the events but majority of times the very minute details of these events somehow slip out of our most important organ of our body, the brain. Our brain takes in mammoth amounts of things in it, so much that its retention capacity takes a beating! It tends to remember many things, but not everything. Whatever the eyes see, whatever the ears hear, whatever our body feels or senses, every slightest of the details get stored in our brains. But with time or actually at that very instance some of those details slip out unknowingly.

This very complex yet essential organ of ours is like a media center. It has the audios(the noises from the ear), it has the videos and the still images. But it is a unpredictable media center as it automatically deletes some of the data stored in it. Now that's not at all what the user(humans) would want. But the truth is, our brain doesn't delete the data it just stacks more and more of data on it which results in the so called "loss of data". (Data here refers to the memories, information or rather anything present inside the brain) Now, what is interesting here is that if our brain has the data then why can't we retrieve it? Why is it that the brain ditches by not providing the data at the most crucial time? Well, the answers lie in a word. Observation.

As Sherlock Holmes says, "Don't just see it, observe it", he is truly right in saying that. Now, some might argue that Sherlock is a fictional character and it's all unreal but why not learn from fiction! One can learn from anywhere it's just that you need to "observe" and learn. For those who have seen the Sherlock series they might say that the way he deduces is just uncommon and impossible and yes they maybe right but one can at least learn the way he observes or rather "sees" things. 

Observing rather than seeing helps the brain to store the data with more longevity. Now, seeing and observing have slight but crucial differences in their meanings. Seeing is just what our eyes witness and observing is more of focus and concentration than just seeing. The brain retains things which are more focused upon, things which we observe more than anything else. Observing doesn't just involve using the eyes but all our senses; the ears, the nose , the eyes , the tongues and the touch. All of these contribute to the observation because the brain stores the data provided by these senses.

If one observes even the slightest touch, the quietest of noises or the most hidden visuals, surely that person will remember that thing for a more longer period. The more observed events stay for a longer period and they are reminded more easily. Observing isn't a difficult task what difficult is maintaining the focus. Yes, observations fall in place automatically when enough focus is laid upon. And of course, initially it isn't easy but with practice your brain will be a hard drive with infinite storage. And it isn't tough, it's just using your senses about what they tell you. Observe and you won't forget a thing, observe and you'll remember all when required, observe and  "memory loss" would be a long forgotten history!

Friday, 20 December 2013

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Friday, 22 November 2013

When I got a Mega-Surprise!

In your entire lifespan there are a few ‘memorable’ days, days which remain close to your heart, days that have memories of ultimate happiness. And I very recently experienced one of those days.

Few days back, I turned 20 but I absolutely had no idea that this year’s birthday was going to be the best of all. The wishes galore had begun few minutes before the clock had even struck midnight! Friends were literally lined up to call late at night so as to wish me. As soon as a call was done another came in within seconds. After the calls, it was time to check the texts. Well, I feel with the social circles growing the number of birthday wishes have increased big-time. Normal text messages, Facebook messages and WhatsApp. Friends and relatives all poured in their birthday texts on various messaging platforms and I got busy replying all of them. ( a lot of wishes)

The happiest moment came late at night when my parents woke up and wished me. A hug from them made me emotional. I could feel their incessant love and care that they have given me throughout the last 2 decades. Such a priceless moment made my eyes wet.
I slept very late, at around 3’o clock, courtesy a football match. Very unlikely woke up quite early. Birthday is a day where it feels like the entire world is wishing you showering blessings upon you. It automatically has the energetic effect in it. And yeah, I was energetic! I had a feeling that some surprise was going to come (because we always pop up with surprises for the birthday boy/girl) but of course I wasn’t aware about its details.
In the afternoon a friend of mine came at my place because we had planned to go out and have some food. We had planned to meet but he had delayed a lot (intentionally). As we both went out, hardly did I know that it was all a part of a plan! We went out roamed here and there, had a bit of food. My dear friend was intentionally delaying this so-called outing. It was as if he wanted both of us to stay there longer (planning again). He kept on receiving calls and texts and when I asked him who it was, he just said it was his mom! And I burst into laughter because I knew it wasn’t.

So as per the highly secret plan both of us arrived at my place and too my surprise my posters were pasted on the buildings and the society gate. From there began the surprise sequence. The poster read, “Rare Species found on camera”, and I was like, what is that! And I sensed there was something big coming up.
As I entered my house, I saw my friends there and there was noise everywhere. I asked them what is happening, what was that poster but they didn’t listen and in fact handed me a four page newspaper, “The Times of Sanket”. Before I could read the “newspaper” all of them took it away and I had to solve a clue, for the next gift.

On solving it I found the gift, a cool mobile cover. But this cover had a clue too. I was actually baffled with what was happening as I didn’t have a clear idea of this mega-surprise. Now, I went where my 2nd gift was waiting for me, this time a beautiful black shirt. I hardly had look at it when everybody made me solve the next clue which was attached with the shirt. I was wondering exactly how many clues was I going to encounter today! It was all getting difficult to sink in. what was happening was unbelievable, never expected, it was turning out to be a series of bumper surprises. The2nd clue took me to the shoe rack where I found a shoe box and in it was a pair of white formal shoes. Now that enhanced my surprise level big-time!

I was hardly given any chance to wear those shoes and was again made to solve a clue attached to it. Seriously, with each moment passing I was turning speechless. As I solved the next clue- of course with assistance- I found myself in my room and on the wall I saw two posters, one of ManU- my favorite football club- and the other one was of kung fu panda. And in between them was pasted another clue! (how intense the preparation was) then I found a book named “place of illusions”  hidden on my study table. Then again it had a clue to solve my 6th gift! And guess what! this gift was the one I liked most actually. It was kung fu panda T-shirt. The moment I saw it all the emotions of happiness steamed into me. It was simply unbelievable.

I thought this mesmerizing gift galore was over but I was wrong. There was another one waiting for me in my kitchen. This time I found a wallet! And it is really cool. In fact it is supercool. And finally to end this ultimately mind-boggling surprise series the final clue took me to my birthday cake.

After so many surprises I was speechless. I was filled with sheer delight, happiness and an unparalleled joy. It made me feel special. And it took me about two hours to actually get normalized. And this afternoon certainly made me emotional , my voice was choked for a moment. That day I realized how lucky I am to have such friends. And I thanked the Almighty for it because all of them made my day a “special” one; with the “Mega-Surprise



Friday, 15 November 2013

hi guyz
with my first article revealed please it would be really helpful if you give your views on one coming soon!
See beautifully

This mammoth planet is a home to large number of creatures, objects, places or rather everything one sees or feels. There is so much variety and diversity to look for. For instance, there are millions of species of animals, uncountable number of flowers and trees and billions of humans. So basically, wherever you turn your eyes you witness variety. But with so many people residing here on this Earth, it is not necessary that all these variations are liked by all because for each person the choice of liking something is different; because for all, the word “beautiful” has a different meaning.

Beautiful means something that is pleasing to the eye, something that is soothing to the soul or something that gives you happiness when you either see it or feel it. For some an animal is beautiful, for some the snow covered mountains. For some a river through the valleys is a mesmerizing scene while for some a car. But for all the men a woman!  There is attractiveness in absolutely anything but the choice of getting attracted differs from person to person.

Anything, any sight or anybody can be beautiful. It’s just the perception that matters. Yes, perceiving something would be a diverse for everyone for a particular entity. Because that single entity could be perceived in numerous ways, till ones imagination extends. For example, a car may mesmerize a person but for some other it won’t even be appealing, a dog may appear ugly for one but that dog would be a beautiful dog for someone else. That’s the case with the beauty, it heavily depends on perception. The way you perceive is the way you see it, feel it.
Our nature, well it’s the most visible form of beauty. The nature has so much in it and each and every single component of it is simply breathtaking. The flora and the fauna, both are its very essence. They are like the God’s gift to the humans. If fauna has the gorgeous animals, birds and fishes, the flora comprises of the scenic mountains, picturesque skylines, stunning forests and the vivid flowers. Nature is one thing that all are fond of to witness. Just experiencing it gives one eternal peace. It has a purifying effect in it. A few moments with its beauty and one is transported out of this world, into a world of peace and harmony. The nature lovers leave no stone unturned to feel this very beauty of nature as they travel across the globe to see this immortal gift of the Almighty.

In today’s time of swiftly expanding world technology also plays its role in making one feel beauty. Yes, technology has created some attractive gadgets that are beautiful for the tech-savvy people. Gorgeous tablets and exquisite phones, all are beautifully created. Technology has also developed some splendor buildings, cars, machines that will leave one baffled. With unimaginable innovation and smart technology engineers have literally modernized the word “beautiful”.

Beauty has an unending limit, it extends from nature to humans to objects to even a pencil! (perception)  It’s like an emotion that runs in you when your eyes watch it or when your senses feel it. Beauty felt with the heart is the most pure form of it. Like the love of a mother for her child. And yeah, one does sense it during love. Love is another emotion that comes when you feel something is beautiful. One can fall in love with absolutely anything and it’s the same with beauty. In short, they go hand in hand, always. And it’s a fact that love is pure only if the beauty within it is felt.

So, there is an essence of beauty, attraction and splendor in each and everything. It’s omnipresent. There is only a matter of time until one feels it. And once it is felt you get immersed in it. That’s how powerful it is. Just watch things with a different perception. Just feel things beautifully!


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Hello readers...
Read a lot about blogging, what it is, how it is done and in fact the entire idea fascinated me. I already have a passion for writing and blogging will all the more enhance that passion. My blogs would not be about a particular subject rather it'll comprise of my very own written material from any field which I feel like writing upon. I assure you that it'll really be fun to go through my posts.And of course any of you is free to comment on any post they want to.And yeah, apart from the posts there is a link for latest news so its like an icing on the cake.
Now......Lets Begin!