Friday, 15 November 2013

See beautifully

This mammoth planet is a home to large number of creatures, objects, places or rather everything one sees or feels. There is so much variety and diversity to look for. For instance, there are millions of species of animals, uncountable number of flowers and trees and billions of humans. So basically, wherever you turn your eyes you witness variety. But with so many people residing here on this Earth, it is not necessary that all these variations are liked by all because for each person the choice of liking something is different; because for all, the word “beautiful” has a different meaning.

Beautiful means something that is pleasing to the eye, something that is soothing to the soul or something that gives you happiness when you either see it or feel it. For some an animal is beautiful, for some the snow covered mountains. For some a river through the valleys is a mesmerizing scene while for some a car. But for all the men a woman!  There is attractiveness in absolutely anything but the choice of getting attracted differs from person to person.

Anything, any sight or anybody can be beautiful. It’s just the perception that matters. Yes, perceiving something would be a diverse for everyone for a particular entity. Because that single entity could be perceived in numerous ways, till ones imagination extends. For example, a car may mesmerize a person but for some other it won’t even be appealing, a dog may appear ugly for one but that dog would be a beautiful dog for someone else. That’s the case with the beauty, it heavily depends on perception. The way you perceive is the way you see it, feel it.
Our nature, well it’s the most visible form of beauty. The nature has so much in it and each and every single component of it is simply breathtaking. The flora and the fauna, both are its very essence. They are like the God’s gift to the humans. If fauna has the gorgeous animals, birds and fishes, the flora comprises of the scenic mountains, picturesque skylines, stunning forests and the vivid flowers. Nature is one thing that all are fond of to witness. Just experiencing it gives one eternal peace. It has a purifying effect in it. A few moments with its beauty and one is transported out of this world, into a world of peace and harmony. The nature lovers leave no stone unturned to feel this very beauty of nature as they travel across the globe to see this immortal gift of the Almighty.

In today’s time of swiftly expanding world technology also plays its role in making one feel beauty. Yes, technology has created some attractive gadgets that are beautiful for the tech-savvy people. Gorgeous tablets and exquisite phones, all are beautifully created. Technology has also developed some splendor buildings, cars, machines that will leave one baffled. With unimaginable innovation and smart technology engineers have literally modernized the word “beautiful”.

Beauty has an unending limit, it extends from nature to humans to objects to even a pencil! (perception)  It’s like an emotion that runs in you when your eyes watch it or when your senses feel it. Beauty felt with the heart is the most pure form of it. Like the love of a mother for her child. And yeah, one does sense it during love. Love is another emotion that comes when you feel something is beautiful. One can fall in love with absolutely anything and it’s the same with beauty. In short, they go hand in hand, always. And it’s a fact that love is pure only if the beauty within it is felt.

So, there is an essence of beauty, attraction and splendor in each and everything. It’s omnipresent. There is only a matter of time until one feels it. And once it is felt you get immersed in it. That’s how powerful it is. Just watch things with a different perception. Just feel things beautifully!