Monday, 28 April 2014

The Bad Tourists

Being a human it is really difficult to control our thoughts.These thoughts- I call them tourists - come storming into our minds and sometimes stay or otherwise just vanish off in seconds! They enter via- what I personally call-  the transitional gates, which are present all over our mind. Now why transitional? Well, it's simple. These gates keep changing their places at will and if we try closing one, the other suddenly opens up somewhere and paves way for these 'infinite tourists' of our brains.

Practically of course, there aren't any gates but its just the very same feeling if you actually look at it. Daily, we encounter thousands of thoughts and ideas that keep pondering in our brains, some of these are what we like and some maybe the ones that we really want to get rid off. Now for these undesirable thoughts, we try to keep them at bay so that they don't overpower our king organ but, slowly after some time it turns out to be a mini-battle between us and these unwanted thoughts. We try to shut our brains' door or the transitional gates but the more we try  the more gates we explore! That sounds quite weird but it actually happens if you observe. The more you think about forgetting something the more it tries to enter into you. It is natural and happens with me, you and everyone.

What we generally don't want to get into our brains is the things that we hate or the things that we fear or maybe the things that are wasteful for us. Now all of such unwanted things are ironically the things that come into our mysterious brain the most! And when it happens we start to get frustrated, human nature. All of these are negative thoughts- bad tourists that spoil us-  that are unfruitful for us. We presume so and are mostly right about the presumption. It becomes a see-saw situation then, with you on one side and these bad tourists on the other (trying to dominate you). It seems tough to overpower them in the early stages but later on after the see- saw has come down, you realize how easy it was and how foolishly you were fearing those tourists for the damage they would inflict upon you.

Actually, if you really want to go heavy on these tourists then you must not simply think about them. That's it, there's the solution to this battle. Now, of course there is a massive difference between saying and doing but yes, if you need to get out of this you must follow the saying by doing! All you need is a bit of motivation and most importantly the will power to succeed. There is nothing complex in it, it is very clear cut and straight forward.

Negativity can tear apart a person to pieces.
 It is nothing but a devilish group of the much hated bad tourists. Once this troop starts arriving in our brains we get severely affected by it. Though we get numerous opportunities to woo them away but still most of us succumb to them and finally give up. For some it easy to fight and win over them but for some no matter how they try it becomes really difficult to cope with their influx.

In the early stages, it may seem quite normal and regular but you may never know, you maybe deceived! Yes, all this unwanted thoughts stuff seems to be general but as the time passes we get blinded by the harsh reality that these tourists have silently entered through our gates and have made their strong colonies. And the more lenient you become the more densely populated these colonies become. No matter how hard it is you gotta fight and fight hard! The battle is with yourself, your thoughts. Keep patience- even if you start losing it still be persistent - until the very last shot, try not to think much about the things that disturb you. Thinking doesn't solve problems, OK maybe it does in some situations but those are rare and if you find yourself in the rare category, then please contact your destiny!

Bad tourists must be strictly prohibited in our territory. Apply this rule and all would be easy.

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