Monday, 3 August 2015

The Black Guardian

Wow! Isn’t it beautiful? Don’t you see it? Oh C’mon wake up and look at the sky! Has anyone seen this kind before? No? Strange.  I truly understand that the city life is deprived of such breathtaking scenery and yes this is happening for the very first time in this city’s history. Extravagant it is. Surely. Has such a sky ever left you spellbound before? Has it? No, right? But today is the chance to witness the sparkles, sparkles unseen and untouched; maybe the only chance to embrace visual delight.

What I see above in this glittering expansive sky, reminds me of something really romantic. It has never looked so clear, like in ages! All those twinkling stars are studded in that pitch-black blanket at their distant and unexplored homes, shining with valor as if it is a once in a millennium opportunity for them to showcase their maximum luminescence. And tonight, they are not alone, they are FAR too many, literally uncountable to see but too obvious to fall in love with. For minutes and hours I can gaze at this magnificent sight which I don't know who has painted for us, or maybe exclusively for me?

I wish tomorrow's sun never rises off its horizon and I wish I could just wrap up my little body within this blanket and sleep forever in its mystical hold. Then I would wake up in my dreams where I’d be unraveling the hidden secrets of this mysteriously gorgeous blanket; I would unearth its most intricate cities; I would go after THE source of such divine illumination; I would delve further into its dark crevices to get cognizant of this universes’ unmatchable magical prowess. But I would only if I really could.

Well, though I don't have a complete view of it - as I am sitting in a first floor balcony and not on the terrace - but whatever's on offer is sumptuously infectious to my soul; I experience a connection being established with my soul, I felt some of its elements communicating with my inners and telling me that all of it is my guardian, mine and mine alone. Too philosophical, right? But I kind of feel really happy to be indulging into such an inexplicable act. 

Oh wow, it is so pleasing to the eye and to each and every cell of my body. I wish that every night after returning from home I can gasp into the beauty of such a magnificent spectacle but I guess such things become special only when they are visible on exclusive days. Special things loose their charm when served daily.
But now when I concentrate on only one of those divine celestial bodies, my eye's wider field-view gives me an image showing an infinitely stretching sky sprinkled with glitters at random spots. For once I doubt my conscience whether I am literally watching this or am I studying an animated computer-rendered imagery!

And somewhere in this heavenly view I find some light touches of purple, very slight touches, and you know what, this involuntarily pulls my lips oppositely producing a smile I haven't wore since weeks. I can feel the stretch on my cheek bones and the reflecting glow in my eyes and THIS makes me realize the powerful aura of the picturesque universal magic I am witnessing right now. Its holds reach up to a point which is far from imagining and in those twinkling elements, I try to find you, or maybe your first letter or something, anything related to you, but then suddenly my brain hallucinates your face somewhere between a family of quadruple stars, as if you are under some spotlight and the world is watching you with its keen eyes waiting for this moment to arrive. You look so beautiful, I was right then, wasn’t I, about you being a heavenly angel! Hah! And again, the smile stays, as if forever.

For like the first time ever, right now, I feel completely thoughtless. Yes, there is no arrival of any kind of thoughts at my brain junction and this empty, thoughtless feeling gives me a feel of not being a human. I mean, we humans react completely opposite to this, don’t we? Our brains act like a radio station catching frequencies from all over the universe and hence we are always subconsciously or consciously engrossed in some or the other thought processes and most of the times it is harmful, needless and wasteful. Yet we do, because that’s how we train our minds, to be busy for eternity! But trust me, a stagnant brain is the most relaxed one, and right now all my brain cells would be thanking me for giving them some rest after some years!

But it is all just an illusion, isn’t it? 

As one feels the rain talking to its soul I too can sense my body striking not one but multiple chords with this godly marvel over my head. And you know what it says to me, "Never shall you fear young man, i am always with you."


  1. The article is really gripping! Its beautifully catching the subtleties; encompassing the myriad of feelings which a starry sky might trigger in a philosophical person's mind. That too delhi's cosmopolitan sky!! Felt envious of your balcony for the first time :P