Monday, 27 January 2014

The state of being Bored

Our mind blanks out many a times. In such a situation, it feels like the mind has become empty and there is nothing to do, nothing to think about. The influx of ideas or thoughts suddenly slows down,  the excitement level dwindles and there is a sudden gloominess that begins to conquer our minds. Then one only likes to sit down and keep staring at something or maybe do nothing and lie down. Or maybe, suddenly everything seems to be uninteresting. Well, if you think these are the signs of sheer calmness overpowering you, then you are absolutely wrong. Yes, because calmness or peace doesn't come with that gloomy feeling and also it doesn't make us feel that our minds our empty rather it just relaxes us. And neither does it gives that uninteresting or a weary experience. So what is that awkward feeling then? Or in fact, is it actually awkward? Is it linked with calmness? Why does it occur? Loads of questions! Lets face them then.

The explanation of all the above mentioned signs lies only in one word, ''bored''. Getting bored is the most common thing which occurs in almost everyone's life cycle. You get bored, maybe on a regular basis, you get bored after coming back from work, you get bored when you face sleeplessness or maybe you get bored because you get bored(without any reason)! There could be many weirdest of reasons to get bored. It's nothing odd to occur and it comes suddenly and it depends when one realizes it that he/she is "getting bored".

Google defines boredom as "feeling weary and impatient because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one's current activity" and it is no doubt a correct definition, to some extent! This definition needs a bit of editing because it is too much of technical and not aptly practical. Boredom is a state where one feels impatient and itchy to do things, where one is unoccupied and where one is on the threshold of launching into ideas and actitvites! Now, the latter part of this definition might seem confusing but it is actually true. When one gets bored, it feels like the time is passing and there is nothing to do and in extreme situations, one tends to have run out of ideas and thoughts. But actually, this is the moment to pounce upon the mind. It is the moment to tap upon the hidden thoughts and ideas and allow them to flow.

Whenever there is this feeling of getting bored just take a deep breath, repeat it atleast five times and then just let yourself relax. Let the body calm down, let the impatience go down and let the body feel more comfortable. After this short exercise surely that "gloomy" feel will get off. And as the mind was empty previously, it paves way for more new thoughts. The more new thoughts come the more the mind seems busy, the more ideas come, the more our mind activates and the chances of getting involved into something increase drastically. And soon one exits the boredom state!

Boredom is a state which one "feels". It seems quite normal to experience but actually it is dangerous! How? Well, the answer is quite simple, it kills time, unknowingly! Yes, time keeps on ticking and there is only one thing that comes to the mind, "i am getting bored". Now, thinking this again and again makes us feel bored but actually evrything is normal, its just the thinking process gets inhibited and that's what pushes one into the state of boredom.

Boredom or getting bored is just psychological, it is just that one is idle without any work and he/she starts feeling bored, unnecessarily. It is all in the mind and nothing else. All one needs is to push it away from the mind and its quite easy to do so. So, next time you get bored just read this post and boredom will be a long gone history for you.



  1. Never thought one coul write that well on such a topic! Good job! (Y)

  2. Since the beginning of this blog, i m constantly following it. I must say writer chose to write on very genuine topic. goodreads :)