Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Time for love!

                                                                      Valentine's Day special!

The roses are blossoming, gift shops are experiencing a massive footfall, the florists are earning profits at the rate of knots and the restaurants have a long list of prebookings; but why? Well, simply because love, is in the air!

Its time for the most awaited day for the lovers. The moment they eagerly wait for, throughout the year. Its a special time of the year they want to spend with their loved one- or ones, depending on the interests!- and show them that how much they love them or maybe to show them their sheer romantic side. Yes, it is the Valentine's Day.

It has become a convention that this day of romance and love is specially alloted to the people who are in a relationship; it is like a free license for them. They have a top of the world feeling on this very occasion. Boys become gentlemen and girls become queens. Both leave no stone unturned to put their best foot forward so as to make this "golden" day the most romantic day, as if the other days in the year hold no significance.

The romantic dinner venue is decided, the boy comes to pick up the girl, there are violin players playing for the couple, there is a champagne and of course a candle to complete the proceedings. Well, this is obviously story book stuff! Its not necessary that all the couples follow the "ideal" proceedings of celebrating the Valentine's Day. See the power of love and attraction, that many couples break all the financial barriers and go spend heavily to make this day an ideal one. They forget everything, the passion for their love overpowers and all they have in mind is, to be with their loved one, to make their partner feel that affection. And yes, where feelings come, money and financial status becomes secondary.

This day, remains close to the hearts of the people who celebrate it or have celebrated it. It provides with the memories of past Valentine's Days and stores the experiences of the current one. It is like the most crucial day in the romantic diaries of the couples! For the debutants, this occasion is like the day of their lives! Nervousness soars and heart beats increase. These first timers feel the maximum amount of excitement and butterflies in the stomach because for them it is the first instance to showcase their romantic side and to display their unconditional affection to their romantic shareholders.

But yes, this day is all about feelings, it isn't about where you celebrate it, or whether you have an "ideal" celebration, it is all about being with your Valentine! It is about making your loved one realize how much you love her/him, it is about spending the day with them and make them feel top of the world, and showing that how special they are for you.

As the love birds are busy preparing themselves for this mega-day, the singles seem to be self-occupied in their own lives.Obviously because Valentine's Day is not meant for them or it is something they don't care about, is it so? If you think so, then you are mistaken big-time! Yes, the singles or simply a person who isn't into any relationship,can also very cheerfully be a part of this day of love and romance. But how?

Technically, valentine means a sentimental or humorous greeting card sent to a sweetheart, friend, or family member. There you see, in the definition itself, that this hyped romance-filled day is not just a day for your companion or spouses or wives but for any person you love, for any person you care for. Now, it can be a friend, your parents or anyone close to you.

It is just a change in the idea of a person that is what is required. Get over the mainstream and come to become a part of this mesmerizing day with your loved one. If you are single, no issues, gift something beautiful to your mother and tell her that how much you love her, you much lucky you are to have her in your life show that love is not restricted to only your soulmate rather it is an inside feeling that you can feel for anyone you like. Break the conventional idea of this day, celebrate it your mother, father, brother or sister. Make them happy, let the feeling of love spread throughout the world. The smile on your mothers face and her wet eyes will surely fill you with an unparalleled joy.

Valentine's day, well, it is for every single human, because it is a day of affection and compassion and in the end what matters is who becomes your valentine!

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