Sunday, 2 March 2014

Spirit of Life!

A few days ago, I was travelling in the metro rail when I noticed something unusual, something that surprised me, something that made me realize how people can overcome all problems and live their lives delightfully. This short but mind-numbing experience left me baffled and throughout it, I couldn't blink an eye!

 I was comfortably seated in the train when at a station, four people came inside the coach I was sitting in. They were two young girls- aged around 25 years- and two young men- aged around 30 years maybe. One of those girls sat just beside me and the other one sat exactly opposite to me. The two men stood near each of those young girls. For first few minutes everything seemed normal, I could see people busy with their mobiles, some were listening to music and some just busy staring here and there. But, what suddenly caught my eye was the girl sitting beside me.

One of those men was communicating with that girl not by speech but through actions. Both of them suddenly caught everybody's attention. They made various hand movements that were inexplicable to me.
Those movements were swift and highly confusing. They intrigued me. I started observing them, and soon realized that yes, they were dumb. But this realization wasn't the one which moved me, rather it was the one watching them communicate with each other that left me spellbound.

For me and the other passengers, it seemed very confusing, something that went above our heads, but those two people seemed to be pretty comfortable with whatever actions they were doing. It was not just the use of the hands, the eyes, and especially the facial expressions, all of it mattered a lot. These expressions combined with the hand gestures paved way for communication between them. They seemed to have a got a strong command over it. I was trying to get what they were talking about- in their sign language- and found that I could hardly interpret any of those gestures, in fact I was able to understand one or two them.

Soon, I saw the other young girl doing almost identical motions. Hers were more tougher to understand, but she seemed happier than the one sitting besides me. She was constantly smiling and laughing while relaying her feelings to the other man- who was with her- via those inexplicable actions. This man was just observing her, as if checking whether she is performing the right actions or not, or as if doing the job of a patient listener, in this case a patient viewer- who could of course decipher those intriguing gestures.

While I was witnessing all of this, I tried to put myself in their place and, found that how hard it would to be express yourself through only actions. How painful it would have been for these dumb people when they would have realised that they didn't have any speech, that they could never "talk", that they would always spend their lives as mime artists. 

But watching them made me feel that they had overcome all sorts of pain and had way earlier accepted this hard-to-digest truth. They seemed to enjoy their lives, they seemed to be happy as any other human would be, expressing themselves wasn't anymore an uphill task for them, they had sunk into this truth and seemed to have happily accepted it.

That's why I feel they deserved a salute, a salute to their will power, a salute to their spirit of living life inspite of being deprived of the most wondrous gift given to the human. They are like us, the very same, even if they can't speak, but they can express.


  1. Emotions are better than talking.....

  2. They are not like us. I'll say they are a step ahead, Sanket. I think you will agree on this :)

  3. yes Prateek, i agree with you. They are ahead but they also are humans, very much like us. With some different yet 'special' abilities