Saturday, 1 November 2014

Relationship: A coin

Like every other thing in this world, relationships are also like a coin. Yes they are! Inspite of them being embedded with love and passion, even the healthiest of relationships have the "other" side. 

People say that love is the best emotion(feeling), the best thing one can experience-only if you have that reciprocated love towards you. But no one tells its disadvantages. The disadvantages of being in a relationship! In a healthy relationship too. Yes no one. I'm not talking about being heartbroken or someone being on the verge of some breakup, but here I talk about the other side of being in a "beautiful" relationship. Afterall being in one has its own consequences that one has to bear.

Relationships can be publicly open or confined to the concerned couple or known maybe only to very exclusive people. And these are just the types based on how open a relationship is to the public. Apart from these three types there are numerous relationships which are based on other numerous things, which are of no importance to us right now, atleast. Now all of these three types have some interesting other-sides, sides that hold prime importance. Especially the last two types! Well, let's uncover them.

Okay so in the first type. The society- one must not include their parents in here- knows about you and your lover, and quite obviously knows that you two are love birds since blah blah time. If the couple has no problem then it's absolutely no problem for anyone. All of their friends, or their social circles have complete knowledge- this varies from the closeness of that couple with their people- about their love story! While some gossip behind the back while some play as assistants, assisting and advising to that love enchanted couple. People in such an open relationship become carefree towards the society's fear and comments and are happy to be publicly known as a couple. Might be giving them a feeling of an "official" couple. Who knows!

Well, it's their own willingness and they have full authority to exercise their rights. Now, what are other sides of being in such a relation? The other side has only one "threat", and that is the parent issue. This is a serious and a common threat in any type of relationships! The couple must really be wary of their parents because our parents much smarter than us. If the parents know about you and surprisingly, have no issues then I feel that that couple is the luckiest, atleast in terms of social and family pressures. But if that's not the case, then declaring your love openly and still hoping to hide it from your families is an uphill task. It's like an exam which you gotta give 24X7! But only if the couple is smart enough and well-planned then they'd know how to handle such scenarios of sheer danger!

Moving onto the second type of relationships, we see a sea change in the approach of the couple. As soon as they step into a relation, at that very moment they become actors for others. They unknowingly hone their acting skills as they always are acting in front of others, obviously when they are together.

This type includes all those love birds who have kept their love saga as a deep secret from everyone and wait for the correct time to unveil it. Well, I feel this is the toughest type, a type where there's maximum risk involved no matter how normal the couple tries to be. Because acting can never be used as an escape rout, not everytime atleast! Somewhere, sometime, someone will surely catch you and you'll be left with nothing but to spit out your secret. And the truth is that you really can't hide love! That's the truth, even if you think you are hiding it exceptionally well then you are very well wronged. And it's a very rare case because the couple surely shares it with someone, so as to keep an assistant, who'll be helping them whenever they are in "danger". So basically, the other side of this coin has only risk and danger. It needs planning, superb acting skills and most importantly alertness to be preprared for the other side as it's consequences are massively severe and threatening!

The third and the final type of relationships are an extension to the second type. Everything's same as the second type but it's just that there are more actors who are involved rather than just the two. The protagonists here,  have their "support" cast with them. The cast includes those exclusive people who are trusted more than life, by the lovely couple. A lot of thinking goes between all the actors and everytime they indulge in trust games. Things are chilled out here, as the couple enjoys their love life without any worries and knows that their secret is known only to trustworthy people of theirs. The relaxation turns into wild tensions when the couple encounters the other side.

The other side is really worrisome as the couple realizes that their secret is not only confined to their support cast but more people who have become aware of it. This chain grows on indefinitely. Slowly and silently. Plus there's this fear of parents also! So suddenly there arises some real tension and the couple undergoes some gruelling time discussing it. Even if those "new" people are equally safe there's still a sense of worry that lingers on in the minds of the couple. Everything's fine and normal but at the back of their heads theres a little worry that rests in a dormant state.

This coin of relationships is flipped at irregular intervals. It itself is a wonderful blend of an all-emotion journey. It keeps flipping all the time and produces newer adventures for the love birds. It tests their love, understanding, wit, alertness and what not. But love also blindfolds the couple from the other side of the coin and that can be utterly dangerous. So I urge all those relationship-blessed couples to be wary of their coin and take appropriately and timely decisions.

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