Sunday, 26 April 2015

Finding Peace in the City

The moment I entered the park, I sensed that I was getting disconnected from the city. The ruckus of the traffic was slowly diminishing in the background and it was compensated with the warm breeze that was blowing around. I could see people exiting the park as it already was late evening and I bet that they must have got some other important things to do after their park routine, maybe like sticking to their idiot boxes till midnight, or going for a late dinner with their family.

But I was not alone, the mammoth park still had a sparse amount of joggers, walkers and romantic couples- though they were not into each other literally. I could barely see the people's faces as darkness had already swept the city, but there were a few high-headed lamp posts which emitted a soothing dim white light. This shallow light was the only source to follow those semi-cemented walking/jogging tracks. But I guess the people who had come with their pets must not have required any, as their pets could assist them in that!

As I strolled myself into the denser paths of this park I could feel the breeze kiss my face consistently, its touch was softer than a feather and moreover, the whistling sound that it was making at my ear drums was generating immense peace in my soul. That mild wind had a drastic calming effect on me and soon I realized that I had stopped walking! It wasn't the breeze one would always desire but it was special because it was giving a sedative like effect in that quiet environment. Enjoying the breeze, I started to stride again.

After two rounds of the outermost track, I changed my course and started to move into the darker areas of the park. The only light there was that of one of those distant lamps and of course the bright moonlight creeping through the branches of the trees. Yes it was scary for me, because at one point of time I could see no living being and was just accompanied by the noises of the evening insects. I kept on walking ahead, looking around the desolated park which actually witnesses hundreds of people daily- but I had arrived at the wrong time maybe-and continued my introspective thought-process.

As I was walking on the inner tracks of the park I saw groups of old men, few couples walking bare footed on the evenly trimmed grass, two men exercising and two-three couples enjoying themselves(!). But this part of the park was the one I fell in love with, not only because of the entertainment those love enchanted couples were providing but also because, right above me was the half moon surrounded by those beautiful twinkling stars. Frankly, I had never seen such a sight in this city! The moon looked exquisite as it was sumptuously chaperoned with those stars. I was bamboozled by the sky, it was crystal clear as if it was flaunting all its breath-taking celestial bodies in one go!  

I saw around and found myself at the center of the park, right underneath the shimmering moon. There were people were around me but I don't know what so significant they were talking because they were missing out on what the sky was giving, how could they miss it, how could they not see right above their foolish heads! I sat on a bench and I was once again, caressed by that breeze, it had started to flow again, very mildly, as if it was waiting for me to be seated.

I just closed my eyes and let this magical moment sink into my every segment. I didn't want to leave this place, at all. It was as if I was right under the moon and it was enlightening me with its gorgeous bright light. The juncture was divine and kind of impossible in a city which is the most polluted in the world! It wasn't the moment when one could get all the answers of life nor was it like being bestowed upon by the Almighty but it whatever it was, it was surreal in today's city life. The peace it had showered upon me was unique and inexplicable. The internal happiness that I could feel was like never  before.