Sunday, 7 December 2014

A Phenomenon

I look up at the dark sky and find those twinkling stars, that illuminating sun and that 'dull' moon really attractive. In spite of knowing that they are unreachable and infinitely away from me, I still wish to be there in that 'darkness'. The darkness where only few prestigious and daring human beings have gone. Out of those human beings, some return safely and some get lost into that cold and inexplicable darkness. But still, I feel proud of them, I really do! For what they have done for mankind and for our livelihoods. All of those brave men and women are like inspirational pillars; they have never failed because of what they do for us.

Space agencies and scientific organizations keep working on projects(missions) of which the common folk is oblivious. Space scientists spend their lives on building technology, doing research and finding more powerful ways to explore that immeasurable darkness that lies above us! Gigantic shuttles and expeditious rockets are sent into that wilderness for various studies and research. They remain there for months, years and even decades (until they can survive!). And these beautiful machines keep sending some 'valuable' data to the bright minds monitoring them, well, it's a very complex procedure for people like me. But I still love to keenly follow the developments!
Yes, everyday We are taking larger steps towards exploring the outer space, yes We are slowly finding ways for Our alternative home! That's what these scientists have been looking for all through this time, another place for our existence, another place for human survival.  

But apart from these extraordinary scientists, there are some people who are also achieving significant feats in the field of space exploration. They were not born to be scientists yet they have created things of unimaginable magnitudes. They have given this world an outlook of what lies in that unexplored space or more practically saying, of what can be there outside our Earth. And this 'they' are no other than, people from the film fraternity!
Yep, I'm not joking but just stating a fact.

Films are the most influencing source for us. What we see in them is what we believe, and if they are based on true studies and findings then its all the more riveting and trustworthy watching them! And one such movie is the recently released Interstellar.

The director, Christopher Nolan, in Interstellar has weaved something beyond our wildest dreams. He has gifted us a marvel of science and has opened floodgates for attracting people more towards the celestial environment. I read a lot of articles and saw many videos and interviews related to this movie and I got to know that it obviously is Sci-Fi movie but, it lives more in Sci rather than in Fi.

While I was watching the movie I was completely engrossed in its prowess. I wasn't just watching but I was thinking on whatever was happening on that screen. My face had expressions of bafflement, joy and surprise. The movie took me to a new world, a world where I or I guess no one has visited ever! Nolan had transferred me into all those astral places where those characters had gone and survived... I had numerous instances of goosebumps and adrenaline rush in my body...
It's been a month since I watched it and still, I keep relaying the movie in my mind, I try to think about different results or consequences, I recapitulate those moments of magnificence... I create my own Interstellar in my mind! And I know that who ever really loved the movie would still be lingering onto it, he\she would still be struck with what Nolan and his team had shown.

Interstellar was not just a movie but it was the future. Justifying all the scientific laws, it had exhibited what could lie in the crevices of that pitch black environment which is waiting to be delved into by the humans. It was like an invitation which humans can't ignore! That's why I loved it, because it was near reality and near practicality. This phenomenon is an inspiration not just for the common man but for the scientists as well, it'll act as a driving force for finding life beyond earth and to unearth many facts about this unending universe that we are unaware of.
This epitome of excellence would surely generate a drive to research and 'look'  more about what lies above us because the universe is awaiting our touch!



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